Recording a Teams Meeting or Lecture

Start your recording

From your meeting control bar, click on the ellipses, (three dots) and choose start recording

Please note the meetings control bar may appear in the middle of your screen when you hover there, or it may show all the time in the top of the screen.

A notification will appear at the top of the screen to remind you to tell your participants you are recording the meeting, they will also have a notification to say a recording has begun:

When you have finished click on the ellipses again and choose stop recording


The recording will then take some time to process, when it is ready there will be a notification in the Chat window for that meeting where the recording can be downloaded. This can be accessed from the Chat icon even after the meeting has finished.

Accessing your recording

Recordings are automatically saved to your OneDrive. To add a recording to your Moodle page you need to download your recording an then re-upload it to the module folder in Panopto

You should be able to find your recording in the chat window, Click on the ellipses (three dots), choose open in OneDrive. Anyone attending the meeting can also do this.

And then click Download at the top of the screen when it opens up


Once you download the video you will be able to find it in your Downloads folder, with the name of the meeting.

If this is a lecture recording, you need to upload it to your module folder in Panopto which will display it on your course page. Uploading an existing recording to Panopto (ChiPlayer)

If they are not for lectures, recordings can be shared your My folder in Panopto or via OneDrive

You can also find recordings you have made by going to the 'Recordings' folder in OneDrive.

Panopto (ChiPlayer) help guides

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