Microsoft Whiteboard

What is Microsoft Whiteboard

Whiteboard is a new application available alongside Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Teams. It can be used online via a browser and via a downloaded app. You can utilise it to promote collaboration whether you are in a Teams meeting, or working face to face in a classroom.


Whiteboards can be used to:

  • Show or collaborate on information
  • Draw, add images and text
  • Pin sticky notes
  • Collaborate on inbuilt templates designed for
    • brainstorming
    • problem solving
    • design and research
    • strategy
    • project planning
    • retrospective
    • games
    • workshops
    • learning


Where can I use Whiteboard? 

Whiteboard is available on the following platforms:

Additional support

Check Microsoft's Whiteboard online guide for support with 

  • How do I create a new whiteboard?
  • What are the basic areas of Whiteboard?
  • How do I collaborate with others on Whiteboard? 
  • How do I interact with Whiteboard? 


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