Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams is a tool designed for team communication and collaboration, combining chat, audio/video calling, file storage, and apps. You can use Microsoft Teams either from the Teams App or by using the Teams web version.

You will get the best user experience by using the Teams Desktop App this is installed on all university computers.

Teams can be used:

  • For online meetings or deliver online lectures (you do not have to create a Team space for this)
    • Voice call
    • Video call
    • screen share
    • instant message
    • record meetings or lectures
  • As a business, professional services, project or module Team space
    • file share
    • video or voice call the team
    • instant message
    • shared notebook (ideal for minuting meetings or sharing ideas) 
    • create channels for different topics
    • integrate with Microsoft planner to set tasks and deadlines
    • Telephony (internal and external) - rolling out soon

Find out more using the Teams help pages on the left-hand side of the page. 

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