Live Captions in Teams

To use live captions in a meeting, go to your meeting controls and click the ellipses (...) then choose Turn on live captions.  Illustrative image

To stop using live captions, go to the meeting controls and click the ellipses (...) then choose Turn off live captions.  Illustrative image

Captions will appear for all participants.

Get the most out of your captions

  • To make sure your live captions are as accurate as possible, try to follow these best practices:
  • Speak clearly, slowly, and directly into the mic.
  • As your distance from the mic increases, captions may become less accurate.
  • Avoid locations with background noise.
  • Avoid having multiple people speak at the same time.

Please note live environments use machine-generated captions, the accuracy of these varies depending on the audio quality, topic and speaker and therefore are unlikely to be 100% accurate. 

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