Changing Voicemail Settings


If you are a staff member you will be able to change your voicemail preferences within the Teams app. You will be able to change if your number simultaneously 'also rings' another group or individual or what happens when a call is unanswered and the length of time before the voicemail starts. You will also be able to change your voicemail greeting as well.


Accessing the voicemail settings

To access settings, click the '...' menu in the menu ribbon, next to the maximise, minimise and close button and select settings:  Illustrative image

In the settings menu, select 'Calls' on the left hand side: Illustrative image

'Also Ring' 

Also ring will allow you to choose from a number of options. When you receive a call, would you like to 'also ring': Illustrative image

  • New number or contact
  • No-one else (default)
  • Call group
  • Telephone number
  • Your manager

'If Unanswered'

If unanswered will allow you to change what happens when your teams call goes unanswered: Illustrative image

  • voicemail (default)
  • Forward to new number or contact
  • Do nothing
  • forward to call group
  • Forward to telephone number
  • Forward to your manager

Changing your voicemail Greeting

To change your voicemail greeting, scroll down the 'calls' menu in the teams settings, until you see 'Configure Voicemail':  Illustrative image

Once in this menu you can select 'record a greeting'  button to open a call to the voicemail channel: Illustrative image
This will open a call with the voicemail voice prompts, you can use the keypad to select '2' on the dial-pad in order to select 'listen to or change your voicemail message':  Illustrative image
listen to the voice prompts and press the appropriate numbers until you are happy with your result. you can end the call or hang up to finish.

Call answer rules

This menu will allow you to change what happens when your voicemail is reached: Illustrative image

  • Let the recorder make a message (default)
  • Let the recorder make a message or be transferred to someone else
  • End the call without playing your greeting
  • Play your greeting and end the call
  • Transfer the call to someone else

Greeting Language

The default language is English (United States) which can be changed to English (United Kingdom): Illustrative image

Text to speech Customised greeting option

If you would prefer to use a text to speech robot voice to generate your greeting you can click into the fields available at the bottom of the voicemail settings window: Illustrative image


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