ChiReadingLists for students

ChiReadingLists is the University's online reading list software which is used to access all core and recommended resources such as ebooks, videos, website links, and books available in our library catalogue. You can filter, search for resources, mark which ones will be useful to you and make notes against resources. You can also view citations for resources which can help you with your reference list.

There will be a link to your ChiReadingLists on your module Moodle pages.  Look for the Talis logo and contact your Subject Librarian or your lecturer if you cannot find the list on your module Moodle.

Alternatively, access the ChiReadingLists website and search for your reading list by module code, module name or lecturer. 

Watch the video below to find out more and how to get the best use out of ChiReadingLists:

Video - ChiReadingLists Student Induction (7m 09s)

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ChiReadingLists for staff

Staff can use ChiReadingLists to create electronic versions of their reading lists, making core and recommended readings easily accessible to students. See the Reading List Policy for more information.

Key advantages for academics:

  • All resources accessible from one source
  • Weekly readings can be added to sections within Moodle
  • Resources can be updated quickly and easily
  • Acts as a purchasing portal
  • Copyright checking is automatically provided
  • Book chapters and articles only available in print format can be digitised and added to the list
  • Notes and guidance for students can be added to the list

Please visit the ChiReadingLists Training Moodle Page for: 

For further guidance on creating/editing your ChiReadingLists please contact your Subject Librarian to arrange a training session.

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