Teams Glossary



Teams Homepage/TabThis is the screen you will see all of the Teams you are a member or owner of. You can access the Teams Homepage by clicking 'Teams' in the left sidebar Illustrative image

A 'Team' is a group that can be joined by staff and students, it allows the owner of a team to create 'channels' for sending instant messages, images and other files, 

Illustrative image
ChannelA channel is a named area within a team that can be used for instant messaging about different subjects. The default is a "General" channel, but you can create and rename these as you wish to allow for a different discussion on each 'channel' Illustrative image
ChatA chat is a direct communication between two or more people. You do not need to be in a 'Team' in order to create a chat and these can be used to instant message or Video/audio call. You can view all your chats on the Chat homepage/Tab  
Chat Homepage/TabThe icon located on the left of the Teams Window, clicking this will display your pinned and recent chats Illustrative image
PinFix an item, such a chat or a contact, to the top of a list so that it remains at the top Illustrative image


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