Teams Meeting options

When you have created a Teams meeting, there are a number of Meeting Options. to access these open up the meeting from your calendar and you will be able to select Meeting Options  Illustrative image

Or if you have created a lecture link in Moodle you will have the option to amend the meeting options before adding the link to the Moodle page  Illustrative image

Or if you have already created your meeting/lecture then if you are the meeting organiser, go into your meeting (you can do this any time beforehand or during) click on Participants Illustrative image

And then click on the ellipses (three dots) in the top right set of icons, and click manage permissions. Illustrative image

You will then see the meeting options, using the dropdown menu you will be able to choose who can

  • Bypass the lobby, (the lobby is where people wait before the meeting for the meeting organiser to let them in)
  • Announce when callers join or leave
  • Choose who can present
  • Allow mic or camera for attendees
  • record automatically
  • Allow chat and reactions

*If you wish to specify people, they must be added to the meeting when you create it, at present you will not be able to select them if you add them to the meeting afterwards.

If you have made changes that require saving, the save button will appear, click this to save your changes


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