Moving your videos from Panopto to Stream

Follow the workflow

If you want to keep using your current Panopto recordings, you will need to move them onto Stream before 17th July 2023. 

Follow these three steps to complete the process:

  1. Backup recordings from Panopto
  2. Uploading recordings to Microsoft Stream
  3. Sharing your recordings on Moodle


Backup recordings from Panopto

  Watch the video guide for downloading recordings from Panopto here

  1. Identify the recordings which you would like to continue using. You can identify these in a variety of ways. 
    1. You can access the contents of your Personal My Folder by navigating to and selecting My Folder from the navigation on the left
    2. You can search for all of your Panopto folders by navigating to and selecting Browse and My Folders
    3. You can access your Moodle videos by navigating to Panopto block the Moodle module page and selecting Course settings
  2. For each video, you want to reuse
    1. First, check that the content of the recording is still relevant and up to date, in line with the Office for Students Blended Learning Regulation. For example, does not contain old assignment dates and out-of-date information
    2. There are two ways of downloading a video
      1. From the viewer: if you are the owner of the recording, you should be able to select the download icon in the top right of the page  Illustrative image
      2. From the folder view: hover over the recording a select the Settings Cog. Select the Outputs tab and then choose Download Podcast  Illustrative image Illustrative image

Archived recordings: If you are seeing that your recordings are archived, this means that they have not been viewed for the past 14 months. You can select to restore them from archive which can take up to 48 hours. You will be notified by email when the recording is available.  

    Uploading recordings to Microsoft Stream

      Watch the video guide for uploading recordings to Microsoft Stream

    You can save your video recordings the same way you would any other file. These can be saved to your personal OneDrive, a SharePoint site or a Microsoft Team.

    1. Navigate to the location you wish to save and share from. For example, for your personal OneDrive, navigate to and select OneDrive from the waffle menu in the top-left
    2. Locate your Recordings folder, or if you do not have one, create a new folder called Recordings
    3. Inside the Recordings folder, create a new folder and name it so that you can easily find it again in the future. For example, you can use the naming convention in Moodle (MDL101_AY_A_23)
    4. Select and drag your backed-up Panopto recordings to this folder. If your computer allows it, you can select multiple and drag/drop them all in at once
    5. Wait for all of the recordings to upload
    6. Once your videos have been uploaded and checked, you can delete them from your computer to save up hard drive space. You can also delete them from Panopto  Illustrative image

    Generating captions

    When checking your videos on Microsoft Stream, please click on Video settings, open up Transcript and captions, and select Generate. This will create automatic captions needed for us to be compliant with the government's Public Sector Body Accessibility Regulations (PSBAR). If you have already edited your captions in Panopto, please contact for support with copying over those edited captions meaning that you won't need to edit them again.

    Sharing your recordings on Moodle

      Watch the video guide for Sharing your recordings on Moodle

    1. Navigate to the videos folder location (OneDrive/SharePoint/Teams)
    2. Tap on the ... and select Share
    3. Next to the file name, tap on the Settings cog icon  Illustrative image
    4. Under the Sharing options, you can choose who you wnat to share the recording with
      1. People in the University of Chichester: meaning that they will have to login to view it
      2. Anyone: meaning that people will be able to view without logging in. This may include people outside of the organisation
    5. Once you have chosen who you want to share it with, under More settings, choose Can view (can not make changes)
    6. Select Apply
    7. Select the Copy link button
    8. This gives you a link that you can copy and paste into Moodle
    9. Navigate to your Moodle page and paste in the URL
      1. You can do this by: enabling Edit mode and then Add a resource or activity and choosing Hyperlink
    10. Make sure that you name the resource clearly so that your students know to find the recordings there
    11. If you have Panopto videos embedded or linked-to on the page, you may wish to remove these

           Please Note: When needing to share the link again in future, make sure to use Manage Access rather than 'Copy Link'.


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