Video/Multimedia assignments

Students can now submit video and other multimedia assignments (such as recordings made within PowerPoint) in a similar way to how they submit written assignments. This help page will guide you through the whole process. 

Please be aware that this method has a 250MB individual file size limit. If you believe your students will be submitting files larger than this, please contact for support prior to setting the assignment 

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Video/Multimedia assignment guide for staff

Setting up the submitting link

  1. Navigate to your Moodle page and switch on Edit mode
  2. Go to the section you want the assignment to be located and select Add an activity or resource
  3. Choose Assignment
  4. Assignment details
    1. Add an Assignment name and Description for the assignment title. Make sure that it is clear that this is where your students need to go to submit their multimedia assignment
    2. For Activity instructions, paste this into the box:

Students can submit large multimedia files as long as they are saved in OneDrive. Please carefully review these steps to ensure you are submitting correctly:

  1. Under Availability, add a start and due date
  2. Under Submission types  Illustrative image
    1. Submission types, keep File submission ticked
    2. Accepted file types, remove all of the listed options so that the box is empty
  3. Under Turnitin Plagiarism Plugin settings, turn Turnitin off

Now scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save and return to course


Video assignment guides for students

Students are now able to submit large files, such as videos and PowerPoint voice-overs, directly into Moodle. To do this, you will have to have the file stored in your University OneDrive. OneDrive can be accessed online via Tap Sign in in the top left of the page and use your University details. 

You can also download the OneDrive mobile apps for Android and iOS devices 

You can find OneDrive support here: OneDrive help & learning

Making a recording of a presentation

If you've been asked to record a presentation, you can do this using Microsoft Teams. Teams allows you to record your screen, webcam and microphone and will record directly to your Recordings folder in OneDrive

For a quick guide for recording in Teams, please check out this guide: Making a recording for Microsoft Stream

Submitting your multimedia file to Moodle

  1. Make sure that your file is stored in OneDrive
  2. Navigate to your Moodle page and select the Assignment submission link
  3. Select the Add submission button
  4. Tick to confirm that the submission is all your own work, and then select the Add file icon
  5. Select OneDrive from the list of options. You may be asked to sign in
  6. Navigate OneDrive to locate your file, and select it
  7. Make sure that you select the option to Create an access control link to the file 
  8. Update the Save as name to include your student number and click on Select this file
  9. Click Save changes and check the file to make sure it has uploaded successfully

Problems with submitting

If you encounter an error message when submitting, 

it means that your submission is larger than the 250MB limit. 




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