Editing a Stream recording

Microsoft Stream chapters

In most instances, creating chapters is a faster and easier way to help your viewers quickly reach the important parts of your recordings. Rather than editing out sections (where perhaps you all went off on a coffee break), it could be quicker to add a chapter for when the lecture started up again. 

In late 2023, Microsoft will be embedding Clipchamp into Microsoft Stream allowing you to edit your recordings. At the moment, you will have to sign up separately to use Clipchamp. Please follow this guide for setting up and using Clipchamp. 

Microsoft Clipchamp

Setting up your account

  • Navigate to Clipchamp.com
  • Select Log in  Illustrative image
  • From the options, select Create an account and then Use your email  Illustrative image

Accessing Clipchamp

  • Navigate to Sign in | Clipchamp
  • Select Sign in and then Use your email  Illustrative image
  • Add in your university email address and they will send a log in email to you  Illustrative image
  • Click on the link sent to your email to log in  Illustrative image

Microsoft Clipchamp guides

You can find guides for using Microsoft Clipchamp on their training centre website: Clipchamp help and learning (microsoft.com)

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