Microsoft Stream

Panopto has been replaced by Microsoft Stream

Moving from Panopto to Microsoft Stream

The University has said farewell to Panopto (aka ChiPlayer) and has moved over to Microsoft Stream as its new video platform. 

The way you record videos has changed but the new workflow includes tools such as Teams and OneDrive, with which you may already be familiar. 


Introducing the Microsoft Stream workflow

This workflow outlines how you can use Microsoft Teams to record your videos and how you can store and share them. 

  • Uploading: you can upload previously recorded content (such as your downloaded Panopto recordings) into OneDrive, SharePoint or a Teams site
  • Recording: create new videos using Microsoft Teams
  • Store and share: Share recordings to individuals, groups or locations (such as a Moodle page) in the same way that you would any other file across Microsoft 365
  • View recordings: View all recordings, including content shared with you, from one central location: the Stream start page

 Diagram of the workflow. Upload old recordings, record new videos using Teams, store in OneDrive, SharePoint or in Teams sites. All recordings are visible together in Stream

About Microsoft Stream

Image of the Stream web player and the phone app

Stream empowers you to record, upload, discover, share, and manage video just as you would any other file. Video is like any other document. It seamlessly integrates with apps across Microsoft 365, so you get the same experience no matter where you add or engage with video content.

With Stream, you can:

  • Store and share video files in SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive just like you would any other file.
  • Make new recordings using Microsoft Teams 
  • View all of your recordings, including those shared with you, from one single location
  • Automatically generate, and easily update closed captions for accessibility
  • Manually add chapters, letting a viewer jump right to the part of the audio/video file they want
  • Collaborate with comments, just like with any other Microsoft 365 document
  • Share videos with others, including external partners or guests, just like you share any other file
  • Get analytics to know how your viewers are watching

Stream start page

View all of your videos in one central place, wherever they are stored. This will include anything shared with you.