Moodle overview for staff

What is Moodle?

Moodle is our virtual learning environment, where students can find their course materials, communicate and partake in activities. 

Moodle pages can have activities such as forums, checklists, choice/votes, glossaries and quizzes.  You can also set up a Moodle scheduler to simplify booking tutorials and add an assignment submission link to Moodle where students must submit their assignments.

Pages can also have resources such as text, images, files, folders, links to websites, videos, galleries and reading lists.

How do I access my page?

Any pages you are enrolled on can be found in your My Pages area in Moodle (more information on My Pages)

New Moodle pages are created for each module occurrence each year. Each page will have one person automatically enrolled, this is the module coordinator.  

Please make sure that ChiView has been updated with any changes to module coordinators (more information on Module Coordinator Updates).  Those who are recorded as module coordinators will automatically get access to the Moodle page and the MAF Online feedback forms. (more information on Understanding roles in Moodle)

Module coordinators are responsible for adding additional teaching staff to Moodle pages and additional markers on MAF. (More information on Enrolling a colleague to a Moodle page and adding someone to MAF Online).

If you need access to a page but are not the module coordinator, please contact your module coordinator to add you. If you are unsure who that is, please contact your departmental administrator who are also able to add tutors to modules.



How do students get access to the page?

Students are enrolled on the pages according to what they are registered to take.  If students do not have access to a page they are expecting, then contact to check their registration, students should not be manually added to course pages.

If there are several groups for a module with different pages, (eg A, B etc)  and the department wants students in certain groups, then the department needs to advise modular who should be added to which group occurrence.

Contact if a student is not enrolled on a page and should be. Students should never be manually added to a Module page.

How do I know which page to use?

You may find you have several occurrences for each module. For example, you may have a page for each semester and then there may be pages for different cohorts if you have more than one group. You can see which page is appropriate from the full code in Moodle. 

For example:


BML305 = module code

S1 = Semester 1 (may also see S2 or AY to depict Semester 2 or All Year)

= Instance (may also see B, C, D, E etc if a module is running for more than one group or if the page is for an academic partner you may see IOW, FH, CR and many more to denote the institution)

23 = Academic year (may also see 2021, 22, etc for previous years) The year denotes the academic starting year, so 23 would be academic year 23/24

If you have multiple Moodle pages for a module, and would prefer a single page we can merge the pages to create one overall page.  If you have occurrences you are not using we are also able to hide the unused pages. If you do not see an occurrence you expect to see, let us know and we can check if it is hidden.

Contact for more advice on this or to request merging or hiding occurrences of modules.

Still need help?