Adding additional markers in MAF Online

It is the Module Coordinators responsibility to add additional markers in MAF Online, however Departmental Administrators can also add additional lecturers if the module coordinator is unavailable.

(Administrators can add markers through MAF Admin - please see the Moodle Departmental Administrators Help page or contact for more information on this).

Adding additional markers (00:55)


MAF Online can be accessed via or from the Staff Links area in ChiView  Illustrative image

This will show any modules you are able to mark on, if you are the Module Co-ordinator on a module you will see a link called Markers on the right hand side of the module title.  Illustrative image

Click on the Markers link and then select the person you wish to add from the drop down menu and click Add Marker.  Illustrative image

If you wish to delete a marker, click on the Delete button from next to thier name on the Markers page.  Illustrative image

Click Back to List to get back to the first page.

If you are not the Module Co-ordinator the Markers link will not be there.  If you should be the Module Co-ordinator on a module and do not have the option to add markers, please make sure that ChiView has been updated by your department administrator with any changes to module coordinators (more information on Module Coordinator Updates).


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