Understanding roles in Moodle

There are a number of key roles in Moodle these are:

Module coordinator role

The Module coordinator has overall responsibility for the module. However they may not necessarily be the person or people delivering the module if there is more than one lecturer or if they are overseeing associate lecturers.

New Moodle pages are created for each module occurrence each year, each page will have one person automatically enrolled, this is the module coordinator. Please make sure that ChiView has been updated with any changes to module coordinators (more information on Module Coordinator Updates). Those who are recorded as module coordinators will automatically get access to the Moodle page and MAF Online.

Module coordinators are responsible for adding additional teaching staff to Moodle pages and additional markers on MAF, (More information on Enrolling a colleague to a Moodle page and Adding someone to MAF Online).

Lecturer role

The lecturer role is for anyone teaching on a module who needs to edit the page and is not the module coordinator. 

Those with a lecturer role can add other lecturers onto a page, but non-editing lecturers and external examiners must be done by the module coordinator.

Non-editing Lecturer

The non-editing lecturer role is for anyone teaching on a module but who does not need to edit the page.

External examiner

This role is for the external examiners who need to see the module pages, please note they will also need adding to the module in MAF.

The above roles are for staff only, if a PhD student is lecturing on a module, please contact TEL@chi.ac.uk

Student role

Students are enrolled onto pages according to the modules they registered to take.  If students do not have access to a page they are expecting, contact modular@chi.ac.uk to check their registration, students should not be manually added to course pages.

If there are several groups for a module with different pages, (e.g. A, B etc.) and the department wants students in certain groups, then the department needs to advise modular who should be added to which group occurrence.

Contact modular@chi.ac.uk if a student is not enrolled on a page and should be. Students should never be manually added to a Module page

If you need access to a page but are not the module co-ordinator, please contact your module co-ordinator to add you. If you are unsure who that is, contact tel@chi.ac.uk and we can let you know.

If you are unable to contact your module co-ordinator, some departmental administrators are able to add tutors to modules.

RA Lecturer or RA student (restricted access)

The RA lecturer or student role is for academic partner lecturers for those institutions who have restricted access to our systems.

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