Moodle page settings

Your Moodle page settings includes things such as:

  • Changing your course start and end date
  • Change your course image
  • Changing between a Topics and a grid view
  • Change the maximum file upload size

Access the course settings by clicking the Course administration button


Choose Edit settings

Changing your course start and end date

If your course does not follow standard semester dates you can change the dates here to ensure that the course shows as In progress during the appropriate times 

If your course is set to Weekly format in Course format then you will have a tick box that allows the moodle page to calculate the end date from the number of topics, if this is ticked you will not be able to change the end date, so you may need to untick this first if you are unable to change the date:

Change your course image

Scroll down the settings page and under Module summary images you can change the module picture


this will change the picture at the top of the module page and be the image attached to the module on the My Pages area.

Changing between a Topics and a Flexible format

Underneath the module summary image you can then find the Course Format section, this is where you can choose between Flexible format or the more traditional Topics view. We do not advise using Single activity, Social or weekly format for modules.

  • Topics format will show all the topics or sections on the page and you can scroll down the page to see more.  Illustrative image
  • Flexible Format is an updated version of Grid View, this shows each topic or section in grid, you can add your own images or leave the default colours  Illustrative image

Topics view (and the old version of Grid View) loads all of the page content at once, this can result in slow load times for pages if you have a lot of content, especially images and embedded videos. Flexible format only loads each topic or section when you click on it, resulting in faster page load times.

more information on Flexible Format

Change the maximum file upload size

Scroll quite far down the settings and you will find the Files and uploads section, you can change the maximum file upload size, you may need to change this if you need to upload files that are more than 50mb.


Once you have made any changes to the Page settings that you want to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Display

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