Adding a block to a module page

There are a number a Blocks available for you to add, these will appear in the right hand side of your moodle page.

to add a block:

  • Open up the left hand menu (using the box with 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner)
  • Ensure you have editing on, and scroll to the bottom of that left hand menu, and click 'Add a Block'

You can then choose your block, and you will return to your page, the block will appear on the right hand side.



Commonly used blocks include:

  • Calendar - this will display any course dates to the students such as assignment deadlines
  • Checklist - if you have a checklist activity this can be used to also display it on the right hand side
  • ChiPlayer - to sync your module up with ChiPlayer, this gives you a module folder in the chiplayer website to store videos
  • Heatmap - this shows how often resrouces are clicked on, however, please note this includes any time lecturers or module coordinators have too, so isnt always a clear indicator of student engagement.
  • HTML - this can be used to add text and twitter feeds


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