Rollover Course Resource Lists (ChiReadingLists)

Staff can use ChiReadingLists to create electronic versions of their reading lists, making core and recommended readings easily accessible to students.

  • Key advantages for academics:
  • All resources accessible from one source
  • Resources can be updated quickly and easily
  • Copyright checking is automatically provided
  • Book chapters and articles only available in print format can be digitised and added to the list
  • Notes and guidance for students can be added to the list

Please visit the ChiReadingLists Training Moodle Page for step by step guidance and video tutorials.

For further guidance on creating/editing your ChiReadingLists please contact your Subject Librarian to arrange a training session. 

Annual rollover of reading lists

Once a year (usually the end of July), the reading lists will roll over to the next academic year and you will need to check all your list links, and in most cases re-link, to the new rolled over list.


  • You can only check your links once you have access to your new Moodle page and after the reading lists have rolled over. Liaise with your subject librarian on this.

What to check:

  • If you have copied your Moodle page from the previous year the reading list icons will still be there.
  • Click each icon to see if it works, i.e. is it linking to the list for the new academic year? If it is you can just click 'Save'.

However it is likely linking either to the previous year's list or in the case of links to sections, it may link to nothing at all or an old section. In this case you need to find the new list (or section) and re-link.

How to re-link to the new list or section:  

  • Search for your module code in the box under 'Add list section'. Once you have found the right list, click it and 'Save'. 
  • If you are checking a section, then once you have found the right list you will need to find the right section by clicking 'The list' drop-down menu on the right.

Still need help?