Add and Move topics

Add or remove topics

To add a topic, with editing turned on, go to the bottom of the page, you will either see an Add topics button. 

Click on this and choose how many topics you want to add,

Delete topics by using the Edit option next to the topic heading  

Moving sections

If you then want to move the topic to another place on the page, with editing on, you can click on the cross hair next to the section heading, and drag it up or down the screen to where you want it.  When it is ready to place, you will see a 'ghost' of it n the page where it will go, let go of the mouse and it will place itself.   

Another option is to click on the cross hair and choose the item on the page you would like it to sit under.  

After moving a section, it can look a bit jumbled and you need to refresh the page (either through the refresh button on your browser or click ctrl F5) to allow moodle to update headers etc.

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