Set up Grid view in Moodle

Your moodle page can be displayed in the traditional Topics View, where the content is displayed down the page, or in a Grid View (shown below) The topic information is then only shown once a student clicks on one of the grids.

If you want to set up grid view on your page:

Click on the Course administration button


Choose Edit settings


In the module settings, scroll down to Course Format and select Grid view from the Format drop down box  


Wait for the page to refresh and then scroll to the bottom and click Save and Display

When you have editing turned on you will be able to click Change Image to put the pictures in the grid.

With editing turned on, you see the content in the traditional topic view underneath the grid, but when you turn editing off, you just see the grid.

When you roll you page over to the next year, make sure you have the grid view, and number of topics set up in the new page before you roll the content over, if you do this, the grid view images will automatically roll over.  Otherwise you will need to put the images back in.

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