Moodle for students

Moodle is the University's virtual learning environment (VLE). Illustrative image

It is accessed via

Tutors use Moodle to publish

  • Module information
  • Links to online resources & reading lists
  • Activities for participation
  • Recordings of teaching sessions
  • News & announcements
  • Assignment submission

Moodle introduction video

For more detailed information please visit the Moodle overview page.

The Moodle homepage displays tiles Illustrative image which link to resources you may require on a daily basis

  • Office 365: University email
  • My pages: which displays your modules, which can be displayed in various views Illustrative image
  • Library Services: Moodle page containing the library catalogue search, and various useful library resources
  • ChiView: your student record

The menu bar at the top links to other services Illustrative image

  • Teaching timetables

  • Printer credit

  • Academic year dates

  • Book a PC / study booth / room

  • PC availability maps

  • Campus maps & directions

  • Inter-campus transport e.g. U7, U8 buses

The accessibility tool can be used to configure Moodle user preferences for screen colours & font styles.  Illustrative image Illustrative image Illustrative image

Support sessions for Moodle, Assignment submissions & other systems are available on request. Please contact for details.

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