Wi-Fi & internet

eduroam Wi-Fi

eduroam is the university's wireless network.
Your eduroam logon credentials can also be used at many other participating universities, colleges and institutions. Illustrative image

More information: Wi-Fi

Connecting to eduroam

You can connect to our eduroam Wi-Fi network on devices such as Windows, Apple Mac, iPhone & iPad, using the following credentials:

Wi-Fi network:

eduroam Illustrative image


Your university email address Illustrative image
Student example: kweb1@stu.chi.ac.uk, Staff example: b.reynolds@chi.ac.uk


Your university password

For Android devices, or for step-by-step instructions, please see the device specific guides.

Halls of residences Wi-Fi & internet

Glide provide Wi-Fi and wired internet to halls of residence, which includes services such as Xbox and PlayStation gaming.
Support is provided by Glide, which includes help for hardware related network issues.

More information: Glide

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