Wi-Fi & internet

eduroam Wi-Fi

eduroam is the university's wireless network.
Your eduroam logon credentials can also be used at many other participating universities, colleges and institutions. Illustrative image

More information: Wi-Fi

Connecting to eduroam

For Windows, Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad devices - you can connect to eduroam with the following credentials

Wi-Fi network

eduroam Illustrative image


Use your University email address Illustrative image
Example: 2310927@stu.chi.ac.uk


Your University password

For Android - see device specific guides which include  step-by-step instructions.

Student halls of residence

Glide provide Wi-Fi and wired internet to halls of residence - which includes gaming services for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Support is provided by Glide, and covers help for hardware related network issues.

More information: Glide

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