ChiView: your student record

ChiView is accessed via

It is the registration and enrolment application Illustrative image used to manage your application (initiated by UCAS) through to acceptance. Through ChiView you can also apply for Halls of Residence, and complete your IT account registration (see next page) giving you access to email, reading lists, Moodle and many of the resources you are going to hear about in the following sections.

Other ChiView functions include:

  • Check and update your personal details - including updating your personal email address (see more info link), and your emergency contact details
  • View messages from Academic Registry and Academic Quality and Standards Service (AQSS)
  • Read the Student Handbook
  • View the modules you are registered on
  • View assessment feedback
  • Make module selections: at certain times of year
  • Use the payment portal

You may see other items depending on your course and status e.g. full time or part time:

  • Teaching timetables (see more info link)
  • Printable documents e.g. council tax certificate for full time students
  • Attendance information (SAM)
  • Mitigating circumstances: submitting claims
  • Accommodation portal

An alternative method of accessing ChiView is via the link in Moodle. Illustrative image

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