ChiView: your student record

Using ChiView

From ChiView you can view and edit your data held in the Student Records system.

You will also access your module assessment feedback from ChiView.

From your personal student page you will have access to the services, including:

  • My Details: where you can edit your personal contact information that the University holds for you, such as addresses and telephone numbers
  • Course Details: where you can view the official details of your course  
  • Assessment Feedback: when your submitted assignments have been assessed and your feedback / grades are available, you will receive an email to your University of Chichester account. This email will include instructions about how to access feedback through ChiView. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access your feedback).

How to access

From the Partner Student Portal click 'ChiView'. Illustrative image

You will be logged in to ChiView automatically and your personal student page will appear. Illustrative image

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