Induction checklist

Here is your checklist of tasks to complete by the end of induction week.


Log on to Moodle, making sure you see the modules on which you expect to be enrolled. Illustrative image


Ensure you can access your university inbox.
Optionally install the Microsoft Outlook mobile app for iOS or Android.


Log on to ChiView Illustrative image check your personal information is correct, and familiarise yourself with the ChiView services.
Ensure your personal email address is saved correctly, so you can reset your university password if needed.

Password manager

Familiarise yourself with Password manager so you know how to reset your password or unlock your account. Illustrative image
Make sure your personal email address is correctly stored on ChiView.

Activate campus card for printing

Tap your campus card on a printer reader Illustrative image and log in using the touch screen Illustrative image

More information

These induction pages can be accessed from:

Video guides

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