SupportMe: self-service portal

SupportMe is a self-service portal for logging calls.
It is accessed via also available from the 'Log a call' link on Moodle or the 'SupportMe' link on Staff Intranet.

Logging calls

Use the 'Log a request' link to log a support call. Illustrative image
e.g. reporting lost property, request that library books are sent cross-campus for you, IT Support etc.

Calls can also be logged to Estate Management via the 'Estates' link on the SupportMe homepage. Illustrative image
e.g. for reporting issues with power sockets, heating, plumbing etc.

Monitoring calls

Use the 'My requests' link to view, update, and track the progress of your call. Illustrative image

Once your call is logged it will be forwarded to the appropriate team, and you'll receive a confirmation email with a call reference number to your university account.

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