Moodle Minimum Requirements

The Learning & Teaching and Student Experience Committee has defined a minimum requirement for all Moodle module pages. The aim of this is to ensure all students can easily find the information they need to support them through their studies. There are a number of templates which will help you to achieve this.

Each module page will be required to have:

  1. Module description (taken from the descriptor, pasted into the general section of the Moodle page)
  2. Announcements activity (on each page by default, previously called News Forum)
  3. Handbook activity (this activity has the following sections for you to add content) to include:
    • Module details (pasted from the descriptor)
    • Outline syllabus and teaching and learning methods (pasted from the descriptor)
    • Intended learning outcomes (pasted from the descriptor)
    • Assessment information (pasted from the descriptor)
    • Staff contact details (some of these will be automatically generated)
  4. Assignment activity for each assessment part
  5. Course resource list (for all published eResources, books, journals, films/TV shows, file resources for library to check for copyright. Course resource list help page)
  6. Details of each session/week. Including when, where, what is being looked at in each section (this can be displayed in the Moodle Topics. Self-produced resources can also be added to the weekly sections, such as PowerPoint slides

    An example of how this should be laid-out can be found on our example Moodle pages (Topics format exampleGrid format example)

Populating your page

Each new module page will come with an announcements activity, and a minimum standards checklist on the right hand side which students cannot see.

  1. Copy the Module description (taken from the descriptor) into the top of the module page (in the General section)
    With editing turned on this will be the edit option nearest to the top of the page, click Edit and then Edit section


  2. Add the Handbook activity

    Click Add an activity or resource in the top section and select Handbook from resources:

  3. You will then be taken to the handbook settings, these will automatically be done for you so just click save and return to course.
  4. Click on the Handbook to edit the elements of it

  5. The first element is Module details, the module code and title will be pre-populated, click on the cog in the table of contents next to the element you want to edit

  6. Copy and paste the rest of the information from each line of the the module descriptor into the table cells, and click save changes 

  7. Then click on the cog for Outline syllabus, and Teaching and Learning Methods,

    and copy and paste the content from the outline syllabus in the module descriptor 


    Then save changes.
  8. Click the cog for Intended learning outcomes


    Copy and paste the Intended learning outcomes into the top, deleting the line of text already there,


    then copy and pasted the How assessed information under the How assessed heading. 
  9. Click the cog for Assessment information,

    Copy the information over from the module descriptor,

    Please note, you may need to re do the formatting of the paragraphs. Make sure you include the weighting next to each assignment. 

  10. You do not need to edit the staff contact details, click on them to check it, the handbook will be automatically populated with the Module Coordinators and Module tutors 


    If the Module coordinator or lecturers are incorrect please check the Module enrolments.  If you would like the contact details to show more than your basic information, see this page to Edit your Moodle profile  
The handbook is now complete.  Please note all resources and reading lists should be in the Module resource list, please contact your librarian if you need any help with this.

This process will not need to be done each year, in future, handbooks can be rolled over with the other content and then updated with any changes.

Additional considerations

  • Module evaluation: If your module has previously been evaluated by students, please add information about this so that current students can see how the module has developed over time. 

  • Accessibility: It is now a legal requirement that all learning materials be accessible to users. This could mean that; documents must be formatted in a specific way, that images, audio and video be updated to be accessible to those with impairments, that pages are formatted in a specific way, etc. For guidance on digital accessibility, please see our Digital Accessibility for Content Creators guide on the help site or email us

Still need help?