Assistive technology training and support

This page summarises the support, services, and software available for our students who are blind, visually impaired, dyslexic, have difficulty with reading, or who want to make use of accessible options.


The University has several assistive technology software packages installed on all open access computers, available to staff and students in Moodle.

  • SensusAccess - features include PDF and document converter. Upload your file, input URL, or copy and paste your text in to Sensus to convert to a Word document, braille, MP3 or ebook. This can also be used by alumni via their account
  • Texthelp Read and Write (screen reading and other tools) is available on all open access computers.
  • Inspiration 9 - mind mapping software for better organisation of your thoughts, also available on all PCs.
  • Accessibility for PCs and Macs - our PCs include the ‘Ease of Access Centre’, and Apple Macs have ‘Accessibility’, which can be used to set up and customise accessibility settings and programs.

The Skills team offers training and support; please contact for more information.

Support and Services