Email - Outlook client

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is our email client, which can be run from the start menu on all University PCs.

Authenticate with your email address e.g., and your usual network password.

Some of the differences between Outlook 2016 and web-based Outlook are listed below.

Password remembering:

  • Outlook 2016 (client based): when logging in to Outlook 2016, you can tick the box to remember your password for future logins.

  • Office 365 (web based): you will always have to log in, either to the Staff Intranet before clicking on the 'Mail (Office 365)' icon, or directly at

Email notifications:

  • Outlook 2016 (client based): even if Outlook is minimised, you will still see new email notifications in the system tray

  • Office 365 (web based): if you minimise your browser you won't know you have new email until you maximise it again

Email signatures:

  • Outlook 2016 (client based): you can setup multiple email signatures. Then, before sending the email, you can choose which signature you wish to use from a dropdown list

  • Office 365 (web based): you can only setup or insert one signature

Multiple calendars side-by-side:

  • Outlook 2016 (client based): you can show 2 or more calendars side-by-side, or alternatively overlay 2 or more calendars into one view

  • Office 365 (web based): if you select multiple calendars in web version, all calendars are overlaid into one calendar view, there is no side-by-side view

How to access

  • Outlook 2016: is available on all University PCs from the start menu (used only on your main computer/s, otherwise access your email via Office 365)

More information: logging in to Outlook for the first time
More information: Office 365 (web based email)

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