Booking computers & rooms

    Various resources are available to book via MyPC or Web Room Bookings.

    Bookable resources via MyPC

    • Open access PCs and Macs Illustrative image
    • Group study booths (students only), including a large screen to connect laptops and mobile devices Illustrative image
    • Individual study rooms in silent areas Illustrative image
    • Media editing suites

    MyPC enables bookings up to 14 days in advance. Illustrative image  

    Bookable resources via Web Room Booking (WRB)

    • Rooms e.g. for group study work Illustrative image

    Book by setting the campus, type of room, date, time and duration. Illustrative image

    Computer availability

    Locations of open access computers are shown on the availability webpage (see how to access link). Illustrative image
    Availability is also displayed on a screen in the entrance to both LRCs. Illustrative image

    How to access

    • MyPC:
      Alternatively, from the Moodle top menu Illustrative image or the Moodle 'Book a computer' tile Illustrative image
    • Web room bookings (WRB):
      Student WRB: accessed from Moodle via the 'IT Services' link in the top menu Illustrative image
      Staff WRB: accessed via the 'Book a room' link on Staff Intranet Illustrative image
    • Computer availability:

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