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PowerPoint - Zoom Slides

PowerPoint has a new feature which mimics the style of presentation of Prezzi, using one large slide to place all of the subsequent slides on. Throughout the presentation, these slides will be zoomed into when that slide is reached, giving the impression that the whole presentation is encapsulated into a single slide. 


Main slide

As your main slide will be zoomed into very closely, we will need a very large image or a colour (block colour or gradient) that can cover the entirety of the slide. If you choose to use an image you will want to pick an image that doesn't have too much detail in it. This is so that you do not make it too difficult to read when placing objects over the top of it. One solution to this is to use a mixture of both gradient fill with a cutout PNG Image

Gradient fills

On the Design tab of the menu ribbon, you can select 'Format Background' and then 'gradient fill' :  Illustrative image

If you would like more help with gradient fills then please refer to the guide here.

Cut-out Images

Placing a cut-out image on top of your gradient fill is a great way to have an interesting main slide without containing too much detail. However, these can be tricky to find so you may want to use the 'remove background' feature found in the 'image formatting' tools:  Illustrative image

There is a guide available here for a more in-depth explanation of the remove background feature here.


Adding your Zoomed slides to your main slide

Create the content you wish to see throughout the rest of the presentation on new slides below your main slide. You won't need to worry about a background for the slide, however, as each one can be made see-through in order to see the 'main slide' below:  Illustrative image

Once you are happy with the rest of your presentation's layout we can begin adding the zoom slides to the main slide. 

Return back to the 'main slide' and click the 'insert' tab, followed by the 'Zoom' button and then selecting 'Slide zoom'. At this point you will be asked which slides you wish to add, you can choose them individually one at a time or multiple at a time:  Illustrative image

You can then move the Zoom slides around your main slide by left-clicking and dragging them to the required position. When full-screen presentation mode is activated you will see the animation move between the slides in the order they feature in the left sidebar.

Hiding the background of your Zoom Slides

Once you have added your zoom slides to the main slide you will want to reposition them where you would like them. This can be done by left-clicking and dragging the slide it's required position. At this point, however, the zoomed slides all still have their background and therefore will obscure the main slide behind unless we change this. In order to remove the background of each slide, left-click the zoom slide you wish to change and access the 'zoom tools - format' option in the menu ribbon. You will then see a button marked 'Zoom background', when enabled this will turn the background of the zoom slide transparent:  Illustrative image


Video Tutorial

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