Presenter View (notes/slide preview)

How to Add Notes to your Presentation (Presenter View)

While giving a PowerPoint Presentation you can make use of something called Presenter view, this mode allows the projector* to display your presentation full screen without your notes showing to the audience. The second monitor* will show a preview of the current slide, the next slide and your notes:  Illustrative image
*This requires two display devices (or in the case of the example, a projector and a screen)

Adding notes

To enable notes, you will see a 'notes' button at the button of the PowerPoint window: Illustrative image

Once enabled, the lower half of the slide preview will reveal the notes section which can be typed into.

Anything in this notes section is visible to you and only you as the presenter in Presenter view.   Illustrative image


Entering Presenter view

Press F5 on your keyboard or click the 'start presentation' button on the bottom right:  Illustrative image

Swapping presenter screen and sideshow screen

You can swap between presenter view and Slide show view by clicking the button on the presenter screen marked 'Display settings':  Illustrative image


Using Presenter View in a Microsoft Teams meeting

  1.  To make use of Presenter view whilst in a teams meeting, select to share your 'PowerPoint Window' using the share content button and then selecting your Powerpoint presentation: Illustrative image
    (do not share your entire screen as this feature will not work with sharing your entire screen)
  2. After sharing your presentation window with the meeting, access full-screen presentation mode (F5) in Powerpoint, you should then see your presentation full-screen, or if using multiple monitors then both full screen and presenter view on either screen. 
  3. If you wish to view presenter view whilst using a single screen you can right-click the slide and select "show presenter view", your view will change, whilst the audience will still see your presentation full screen:  Illustrative image

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