Embedding Videos

How to Embed a YouTube Video In PowerPoint

This page will show you how to embed an online video like YouTube in your PowerPoint Presentation.

1. Find the Youtube video you wish to embed in your Internet browser (on Youtube.com Website):  Illustrative image

2. Select the URL (address) and copy this to your clipboard (Ctrl + C or right-click and select 'copy')

3. Go to the slide in the presentation you wish to embed the video on. Under the "insert" ribbon tab, select "video"... then "Online video":  Illustrative image

4. Paste in the URL (address) of the Youtube video into the dialogue box and press ok

5. Resize the Youtube video on your slide as is appropriate to view in full-screen presentation mode. Click the drag the white resize handles to modify the size of the object on the slide:  Illustrative image

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