Animation Pane

Animation Pane

The Animation pane allows you to change the order objects animate in, without needing to remove and reapply animations.

The Animation pane can be found in the Animations tab of the ribbon:  Illustrative image

When selected the animation pane open in the sidebar and will display a chronological list of all animations of the selected slide:  Illustrative image

What are the symbols?

Numbering/mouse symbol  Illustrative image Displays the number of clicks required to reach this animation 
Empty space Illustrative image Gaps below a numbered mouse symbol are to indicate these will animate WITH the previous animation (at the same time)
Clock Illustrative image A clock symbol will indicate an animation will happen automatically after the previous animation (automatically one after another)
Green Star  Illustrative image Is shown next to an entrance animation
Yellow StarNAIs shown next to an emphasis animation 
Red StarNAIs show next to an exit animation
'grouping' Illustrative image Grouping of animations on an object like SmartArt (an object with multiple elements), groups can be expanded by clicking the chevron to expand or collapse the grouping.


Changing the order of animations

Each animation can be reordered by clicking and dragging them into the correct order, or by left-clicking an animation to select it before clicking the up and down arrows found in the top right of the animation pane.

In this example I will move the picture animations in between the animations of SmartArt Text object, meaning the pictures will animate after the text:  Illustrative image

You can also right-click an animation to change it's prompt, 'on click', 'during' or 'after'.

In this example I will change the picture animations to happen 'during' the previous 'on-click' animation, meaning they will happen at the same time:  Illustrative image


You can preview the animation pane without going into presenter mode (full screen) by clicking the 'play all' button:  Illustrative image

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