What is recording in Powerpoint?

In PowerPoint 2019 and onwards you can record a Presentation. This will save your narration of the slides (audio or video) and the timings of your slide changes and animation triggers. Once the presentation recording has been complete. The video/audio will be embedded into the slides. You can also 'export' a video from PowerPoint for upload to Chiplayer or another location. 

How to start recording

 First, go to the recording tab in your menu ribbon, select 'from beginning' if you wish to record the entirety of your presentation, or 'from current slide' to start recording at the slide you currently have active on screen:  Illustrative image

Once you are on the Recording screen, enable your camera or microphone. And begin recording:  Illustrative image

To progress through your slides whilst recording you can either:

  • click on your slide,
  • use the arrow keys or spacebar,
  • Rely on any animation or transition timings you may have set up
  • or use the buttons provided in presenter view: Illustrative image

When the slides are complete the presentation will end and the recording will be saved onto each slide.

Changing Presenter View modes

You can change views on this screen if you don’t have “Notes” not written on the slide: Illustrative image

Teleprompter: Illustrative image
Teleprompter view displays your slide's notes at the top above a preview of the slide in large font for you to read from. It does not however show a preview of the next slide.

Presenter View: Illustrative image
Presenter view shows a preview of the next slide and your slide notes to the right sidebar in a smaller format. This is the default mode when entering recording.

Slide View: Illustrative image
This view shows the slide across the majority of the screen, with no notes, or preview of the next slide, this is great if you would like to annotate your slide with the pen/highlighter tools: Illustrative image  

Slide notes font size

You can change the size of the slide note text by clicking the A+ A- buttons and you can scroll through the note text by using your mouse-wheel or clicking and dragging the scroll bar: Illustrative image

Delete or re-do a slides recording

If you exit from your recording one finished you will see your video/audio embedded onto the slide: Illustrative image

If you wish to delete a recording you can select the video/audio and delete it using the delete key on the keyboard, or you can use the 'clear recording' button to clear the current slide or the entire presentation: Illustrative image

Exporting a video of the recording

Once the recording is complete, you’ll be asked if you want to export a Video:  Illustrative image

If you close the recorder menu you can still access 'export video' in the recording menu tab:  Illustrative image

You can then choose what format you would like the video and choose a location to save it for upload to somewhere else:  Illustrative image

Uploading your finished video for sharing

Once your video has been exported/rendered you will need to upload it somewhere in order to share it, as the limitation of email attachments is 20mb and often video exceeds this. The University use Chiplayer otherwise know as Panopto in order to host videos privately before giving you the option to share too.

How to upload your video to chiplayer


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