SAM user guides

This page contains the SEAtS Student Attendance Management system user guides.


Useful reports:

Stage 0 to stage 2 (indicates students who have less than 25% attendance in a week.

  • Select Activity from top menu bar
  • Select to/from dates (stage changes are applied on Mondays)
  • Select ‘Stage Changes’ in ‘Type’
  • Select institute and department as required
  • Put ‘Stage Zero Less than 25’ in the search box and click the magnifying glass/search

The resulting report can be exported to pdf or csv (comma separated values - which opens in excel and can be saved as an excel sheet):

  • Select the plus sign at top left of the search list 
  • Click 'export'
  • Select the required 'export as' - pdf or csv
  • Click save - you will get a pop-up across the top of the window saying 'the report is being generated and a link to the report will appear on your notification screen'
  • When the report is ready a number will appear by the 'bell' icon at the end of the top menu bar 
  • Click the bell and the user notifications screen will display with all the reports you have requested
  • Select the report to download it


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