Start of semester checklist for Moodle

This guide has been setup to support you when preparing your Moodle pages for the new semester.

Please review each section carefully:

1. Import your content from a previous years' Moodle page

Moodle allows you to move content from one page to another. 

  1. Import content between pages with the same module code
  2. Import content between pages with different module codes 
  3. Help! I've imported the wrong content!


2. Choosing between Topics and Grid format for your Moodle page (and finding lost images) 

The old "Flexible format" is no longer supported. For those who used to have pages using this format, it would have changed to Topics format. If you want to go back to a grid template, we have Grid format available. 

  1. Set up Grid format for your Moodle page
  2. Finding your grid images


3. Update your profile information in Moodle  Illustrative image

In Moodle, you can add a profile image, contact information, work pattern and office location to your profile. This information is automatically displayed in the Moodle handbook resource and in the Module Coordinator block 

  1. Update your profile information


4. Update the module Handbook resource on Moodle

If you're using the Module Handbook resource, please check and update any changes from the previous year

  1. Updating the module handbook/descriptor resource
  2. Update your module's start and end date (important if your module doesn't follow the standard semester 1/2 pattern)


5. ChiReadingLists

Each year you'll need to manually relink to any Talis ChiReadingLists that you've created previously. Your subject librarian can support you with any ChiReadingList queries

  1. Re-link your Talis ChiReadingList


6. Renew Microsoft Teams links

If you've previously set up Microsoft Teams links on your page, for meeting online, you'll need to recreate these for your new cohort 

  1. Set up new Online lecture links for Teams


7. Check and update Assignment activities

Students will submit written, and now video/multimedia, assignments into Moodle. It is worth deleting old submission links and creating new ones with the current information and due date

  1. Written assignments
  2. Video/Multimedia PowerPoint assignments (the process for submitting video and multimedia assignments has changed)


8. Working with video

Now that we've moved away from Panopto, the workflow for recording and sharing video content, such as lecture recordings, has changed.

  1. Remove old Panopto embedded videos. If you have old Panopto videos embedded on your Moodle page, you will notice that these are now blank. You will have to delete these to stop the "Pop-ups blocked" warning when you load the page. This is happening because Moodle is trying to log you into Panopto which is no longer available. For more information on the new video workflow, please see our guide to Microsoft Stream
  2. Sharing videos from OneDrive (Stream workflow)


9. Moodle minimum requirements

All Moodle module pages are required to have specific information to support the students. Please make sure that you understand what's needed and that all of your pages meet the requirements.

  1. Moodle Minimum Requirements set by the University


10. Enroling colleagues onto your Moodle page

Module coordinators are responsible for adding additional teaching staff to Moodle pages and additional markers on MAF. Your department admin can update who is the module coordinator for each module. Students are enrolled automatically via Academic Registry, please do not try to manually add students to your Moodle pages. 

  1. Enrol colleagues onto the Moodle page
  2. For administrators: updating module coordinators



How do I get access to my Moodle page?

New Moodle pages are created for each module occurrence each year. Each of these pages will have one person automatically enrolled, this is the module co-ordinator (Module lead).

Please make sure that ChiView has been updated with any changes to module coordinators (more information on Module Coordinator Updates). Those who are recorded as module coordinators will automatically get access to the Moodle page and the MAF Online spreadsheet. (more information on Understanding roles in Moodle).

Module coordinators are responsible for adding additional teaching staff to Moodle pages and additional markers on MAF. (More information on Enrolling a colleague to a Moodle page and adding someone to MAF Online).

If you need access to a page but are not the module coordinator, please contact your module coordinator to add you.

I'm getting "Pop-ups blocked" each time my page loads. What does this mean?

This will happen if you have any Panopto videos embedded on the Moodle page. Since we've moved away from Panopto, you'll notice that these videos are now blank. If you delete them, the pop-up warning will go away

I've imported the wrong page, what can I do?

Not a problem! Follow these steps to resolve the issue

  1. Looking at the Red menu bar at the top of the page, select More
  2. Select Rollover
  3. You'll see a few options listed under Actions, select Undismiss. This will give your the Blue rollover box again to try again

My hidden sections/resources/activities aren't completely hidden. How can I change this?

Some people may see this as a default. When you "hide" something on a Moodle page (a resource/section/activity), users will still see it but will not be able to access it. To have them completely hidden, follow these steps

  1. Looking at the Red menu bar at the top of the page, select Settings
  2. Scroll down to Course Format
  3. Review/change the settings under Hidden sections


Still need help?