Start of semester checklist for Moodle

New Moodle pages are created for each module occurrence each year. Each of these pages will have one person automatically enrolled, this is the module co-ordinator (Module lead)

Please make sure that ChiView has been updated with any changes to module coordinators (more information on Module Coordinator Updates). Those who are recorded as module coordinators will automatically get access to the Moodle page and the MAF Online spreadsheet. (more information on Understanding roles in Moodle)

Module coordinators are responsible for adding additional teaching staff to Moodle pages and additional markers on MAF. (More information on Enrolling a colleague to a Moodle page and adding someone to MAF Online).

If you need access to a page but are not the module coordinator, please contact your module coordinator to add you. If you are unsure who that is, contact and we can let you know. If you are unable to contact your module coordinator, some departmental administrators are able to add tutors to modules.

If a module coordinator needs updating, department administrators can update this via ChiView (more information on Module Coordinator Updates)

Please follow the steps to guide you through everything you need to do before the start of semester

  1. Enrol colleagues onto the Moodle page
  2. Import your content from other Moodle pages*
    1. Import content between pages with the same module code
    2. Import content between pages with different module codes
  3. Re-link your reading list
  4. Ensure your page meets the Moodle Minimum Requirements set by the University
  5. Add a Panopto block to your module 
  6. Copy any Panopto videos that are needed from last year's Panopto folder to this year's one** 
    1. Important! If you have previously embedded videos onto the page, these will need to be removed and updated pointing to the new year's copies (see step 7)
  7. Embed the Panopto videos into your Moodle page*** 
  8. Set up new Online lecture links for Teams
  9. Set up new Assignment Activities
  10. Add colleagues to MAF online

*unless you are starting from scratch
**if you are reusing videos from last year, do not copy previous live (student attended) lectures over
***if you have embedded videos you are reusing from last year

Please also see our Moodle Overview for staff to find out more about how you know which page to use, hiding unused pages, how students get access to your page and more.  If you need any further help, please check the Technology Enhanced Learning website


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