A sparkline is a small graphic designed to give a quick representation of numerical or statistical information within a piece of text, taking the form of a graph without axes. This is displayed within a single cell and can be used to visualise data when you don't have enough room or it isn't suitable for a full size chart.

What's a Sparkline

In the "insert tab" you will find a "sparklines" section:  Illustrative image

in this you'll find the option of:

  • Line - Line chart
  • Column - Column chart
  • Win/loss - Shows positive/negative values as win/loss.

How to use Sparklines

First you will want to click into a cell you wish the sparkline to be displayed in:  Illustrative image

Then you will want to choose which sparkline you will use, in this case I am going to select one of each type for each row. When I select a type of sparkline a small menu will open asking you to confirm the data range and location range of the sparkline: Illustrative image

Date range: This is the data you wish to be displayed in the sparkline (shown being selected in image below)

Location Range: This is the cell that the sparkline will be displayed in


You may type the range in manually, or if you prefer you can click the  symbol at the end, this will allow you click and drag around the data range you wish to select, this will then fill in the reference for you: Illustrative image


Press the enter key or click the symbol again to return back to previous menu. when you are happy with both of your selections hit ok and your sparkline will appear:  Illustrative image


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