Find and replace

Excel - Find and Replace

Find and/or replace is a powerful feature that allows you to search for a text string within your data set. It will show you all of the times that Excel can see the text string in your document, allowing you to be taken to the next word by clicking the 'next' button. If you then wish to replace a text string with your own input, en masse or individually.


To use the find feature you can press CTRL + F or click the "find and select" button in the Home tab, and then select "Find":  Illustrative image

When the menu opens, you can type in the value you are looking for and select "find all" or "find next" to be shown the values that match:  Illustrative image

Selecting a value with a left-click in the bottom "find all" list will move your screen to that section of the Excel worksheet. 

Find and Replace

'Find' and 'Find and replace' are technically on the same menu but on different tabs. Therefore you can access the 'replace' function the same way as the 'find' function. You can either press CTRL + F and select the 'replace' tab, or click the 'find and select' button in the Home tab and select 'replace' Instead of 'find':  Illustrative image

Once the 'replace' menu is open you are able to use the first box (Find what) to select the data you'd like to have replaced.

You may then type what you wish the replacement to be. In this example we are going to replace the comma between people's names with a space instead:  Illustrative image

You can replace one at a time using the 'replace' button or all of them at once by selecting 'replace all'.

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