Quick selection Techniques


Excel Quick Selection Techniques

In Excel to highlight/select data you can "click and drag" around the data to select it, there are in fact several different ways you can highlight/select data a lot faster or more efficiently. Especially when you have large amounts of data. 

I shall outline the selection methods you can use here:

1. Click and Drag:

  • Left click into the cell you wish to start your selection from, continuing to hold left drag around the rest of the your proposed selection Illustrative image

2. Ctrl + Shift + (Arrow direction)

  • Left click into the cell you wish to start your selection from, you can then press Ctrl + Shift + (the arrow which dictates the direction you wish to expand your selection in)  Illustrative image
  • It is worth knowing that this selection method will only expand to the first gap in data it finds, so if you have gaps in your data press the hotkey again for it to expand over any gaps in the data.

3.  Go to - Feature 

The "Go to" feature (F5) works very similarly to the "Find" feature (Ctrl + F) and can be used in many different ways.  Illustrative image

  • Left Click into the data array you wish to highlight and press F5
  • Click "special" on the next menu screen
  • If you would like the entire data array you're clicked into select "Current region"


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