Working from home

Whether you are a student or member of University staff, many of our systems, software and services are available to access from offsite.

Useful links:

When working off-campus for the first time, here are some useful links to University systems: University Links 

Support for using our systems off-campus

Accessing University systems from a personal device

All of the below can be accessed on a personal device by using Microsoft's RemoteApp:

  • H Drive documents
  • S Drive documents
  • Open Access PC (virtual desktop)
  • University software (Such as SPSS, Microsoft Project, Visio, Maya 2019, Supportworks client, etc)

Using a University device off-campus

Before you take a University laptop home, please make sure you have read this online guide: Using a University Windows Laptop off campus

Additional support

If you need to access any other University systems or software, please contact us via Supportme




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