Working from home

Whether you are a student or member of University staff, many of our systems, software and services are available to access from offsite.

Useful links:

When working off-campus for the first time, here are some useful links to University systems: University Links 

Support for using our systems off-campus

Accessing University systems from a personal device

All of the below can be accessed on a personal device by using Microsoft's RemoteApp:

  • H Drive documents
  • S Drive documents
  • Open Access PC (virtual desktop)
  • University software (Such as SPSS, Microsoft Project, Visio, Maya 2019, Supportworks client, etc)

Adobe Creative Cloud applications are now available to install on a personal device, please follow this guide for details: Downloading Adobe Creative Cloud

Using a University device off-campus

Before you take a University laptop home, please make sure you have read this online guide: Using a University Windows Laptop off campus

Making my first Skype for Business call

  • Click on the Windows key and select the Skype for Business icon
    • Once opened for the first time, Skype for Business should automatically start when you log in to your device
  • If asked to, log in with your full email address and password
  • Search for the name of the person you wish to contact
  • Select the speech bubble icon to type a message, the phone icon to talk, or the camera icon to video chat
  • If you would like to test Skype for business, please feel free to search for and contact Roz Hall or Dan Carline. We will answer if we're available. 

For more information regarding using Skype for Business, please see our full guide: Skype for Business

Additional support

If you need to access any other University systems or software, please contact us via Supportme




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