Accessing University Desktops from Home (Remote Access)

If you wish to access certain University software and services from off campus, and you do not have a University managed computer, then we offer the ability to remote control a computer from your personal device.

Before you can use this services, you will need to be enroled for MFA as per the instructions here: Multi-Factor Authentication. Please note students will need to ensure they are using the 'Microsoft Authenticator app' option rather than SMS based MFA in order to use this software.

Staying Safe and Cyber Security 

Please be aware that laptops, tablets and mobiles are targetted by thieves, consequently you should firstly stay safe - no device is worth risking a confrontation.

When working at home, it is important to ensure that the area you work in is secure, with suitable lighting and furniture, (please see the cyber security, and workstation guidelines).   

Be aware of your surroundings, fully power off, and lock away devices when they are not in use.

Please note, it is important that you should not allow anyone else access to the device. 

If anything goes wrong, or you have any doubts that your device or home WiFI etc has been compromised, please contact SIZ immediately for help in containing any risks. 

Installing the software

To remote control a University computer, you will need to install one of the clients listed here:

When the install is finished run the software listed as 'PCoIP Client'.

Once opened for the first time, you will need to add a new connection.

You should use '' as the host address, give the connection a familiar name, and click on 'Add Connection'

Click the saved connection and you'll be prompted for your University username and password.

At the 'Desktop selection' screen click one of the options available.

A session will launch, and you may be prompted to allow access to the Firewall request.

You should now be connected to a computer.