PGCert in Learning & Teaching in HE

Postgraduate Certificate/University Certificate in Learning and Teaching in HE

Where a member of staff is new to teaching in Higher Education, there is an expectation for successful engagement in professional development focused on learning and teaching in Higher Education.

The Postgraduate Certificate (PGCertL&THE) and University Certificate in Professional Practice (UCPP) programmes are accredited by Advance HE for the nationally, and increasingly internationally, recognised awards of Associate Fellowship (AFHEA) and Fellowship (FHEA). The PGCertL&THE consists of two modules which run consecutively over 12 months. Successful completion of the PGCertL&THE results in both a postgraduate certificate award from the University and FHEA. The UCPP is a one module programme that gives AFHEA on successful completion.

These programmes are appropriate for people who have direct contact with students as part of their roles, including lecturing staff who are new to HE, postgraduate students who teach, and learning support staff. Those with substantial teaching or student support will find the PGCertL&THE appropriate for their needs, while the UCPP programme will suit those on Associate Lecturer contracts, PhD students, or those who have limited contact with students. The courses aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills to undertake your professional duties confidently and well, increasing satisfaction and enjoyment in teaching/ learning support roles and making a major contribution to student learning.

Further details: For more information please contact Professor Bev Hale, Professor in Learning and Teaching at

Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy by CPD Route

Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy by CPD Route. The CPD routes to Fellowship are for those who already have significant experience in university teaching or supporting learning. The University is accredited by AdvanceHE to deliver our own routes to take you to AFHEA, FHEA or SFHEA. You can get a feel for which fits you by using AdvanceHE’s Fellowship Category Tool at

To find out more, look out for introduction to the three routes on Teams (Dates to be announced in the monthly Professional Development emails) or contact Duncan Reavey at

Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) by PortfolioAssociate

Fellowship is national recognition of your success in making university learning engaging and effective. It is for those who have already had an impact and want to show their continuing commitment and energy. At the same time, it is a push to reflect on what you do and why. Preparing your submission – a 1600-word portfolio - needs careful thinking and you will learn a lot on the way! It is also a really satisfying personal milestone.

Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) by Portfolio

Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy is a very public acknowledgment of your expertise in University learning and teaching - and of your commitment to becoming even better. If you have several years of experience in HE promoting student learning, you can complete a 3000-word portfolio to achieve Fellowship.

Lots of support is provided on the way and you keep the letters “FHEA” after your name for life and for free.

Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy is for experienced University teachers or facilitators of learning who have a track record in helping other University teachers develop their own practice in creative, positive ways. Lots of support will be provided as you reflect carefully and develop a portfolio to submit.

Fellows of the Higher Education Academy: Remaining in “good standing”

This is so important for all those who are already AFHEA, FHEA, SFHEA and PFHEA. Sooner or later AdvanceHE will require us all to show that we remain in good standing. We will contact all Fellows about this when there is news, and support you in whatever needs to be done.

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