Logging a support call

Log a call via email

The quickest method for logging a call is to email help@chi.ac.uk mentioning you are a academic partner student, and which organisation you study at.

Once your email has been logged, you will be sent a confirmation email including a reference number.

To update your call, simply reply to the confirmation email keeping the same email subject (which contains the reference number).

If you want to view the entire call history or recent progress of your call, you can use the Support Me self service portal (see below).

Log a call via Support Me portal

Click the 'Support Me' tile in ChiView Illustrative image then 'Log a request'. Illustrative image

The Support Me self-service portal enables you to:

  • Log calls for a variety of subjects, including IT and Library services
  • Track your calls - including job history and view updates
  • Update your calls - including feedback of service

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