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Word Tutorials 

Below are a list of Word guides currently available, these are a work in progress and will be added to as time goes on. If however you have a need for a tutorial that doesn't exist yet then please email ITSkills@chi.ac.uk to request it.




Working without Paper


Word Masterclass tutorial Resource

This presentation contains: 

  • =Rand(X,X) & =Lorem(X,X) to generate placeholder text
  • Image layout options and text wrapping
  • Quick Parts to create text parts that can be re-used and input in a document from a list of "quick parts"
  • How to show Hidden formatting and non-printing characters
  • The office clipboard - copy up to 24 items and paste them back out in a different location all in one go
  • Page numbering -  add page numbers to the bottom or top of a page
  • Breaks - section and page - Using section breaks to create new sections within a document, or a page break to add new pages
  • Find - Using the find tool to basic words or special characters

please click here to download it: 

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