Using Microsoft Word for assignment feedback

If a student has submitted a MS Word document, then you can use Word to view and annotate the submission

Word has a number of useful features:

  • Highlighting tool; select the text you wish to highlight, and select Text highlight colour from the Home tab in the ribbon 
  • Add comments; place the cursor where you want to comment to appear (you can highlight sections of text too), and select New comment from the Review tab in the ribbon

Saving annotated documents

After downloading a submission from Moodle, we recommend that you save them in a location for easy access when you come to upload them to MAF Online

  • Go to Save As
  • Create a new folder (I name my new folder with the module code and the assignment name, for example "MDL101 Essay"
  • When you save each students annotated comments to this folder, make sure that their student number is in the file name, for example "Final version 2000661". This will help you to find the correct file when uploading to MAF Online. We are asking students to include their student numbers in the file name 

Uploading to MAF Online

Annotated Word documents can be uploaded to the student's MAF form for them to access. Follow this guide to find out how: Submitting annotated documents to MAF Online


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