Uninstall the University's old printing system (Equitrac) from your personal device

You only need to follow these instructions if you previously installed the University's old printing system (Equitrac) on your personal device, and now want to install the University's new printing software on there (from September 2015 onwards).

Windows devices

Use the standard Add and remove programs from the Control Panel on your Windows device.

Mac devices

To uninstall the Equitrac software from your Mac device you need to download the zip file at the bottom of this page.

Once downloaded, extract the contents and then run the file called EQUninstall (NOT the file ending in .sh) Illustrative image

If you see an ''EQUninstall' can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer' message Illustrative image  you'll need to follow the additional instructions that are provided further down this page called 'Allow apps to install from anywhere')

If you did not get an error message click Open to start the installer Illustrative image

Click Run Illustrative image

Confirm your password Illustrative image

Click ok Illustrative image

That’s it. The equitrac software is now uninstalled and the printer will also have been automatically removed from your list.

Mac Devices - Allow apps to install from anywhere

As mentioned above, you only need to complete this section if you saw the ''EQUninstall' can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer' error when attempting to uninstall the Equitrac software by running ‘EQUninstall’ Illustrative image

Open the System Preferences and run Security and Privacy Illustrative image

If the Security and Privacy dialog box is locked (closed padlock symbol), click on the padlock and confirm your password so that the pad lock symbol shows unlocked.

Then, under Allow apps downloaded from choose Anywhere Illustrative image

You will be presented with a security message. If you want to proceed, select Allow From Anywhere. (Remember that you can revert your settings back once you have completed the uninstall) Illustrative image

You can now return to the top of this guide and attempt to run ‘EQUninstall’ again. Don't forget to revert your Allow apps downloaded from settings back to either your previous setting or to the default.

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