Printing from a Personal Device

You can print from your phone, tablet, laptop or any other internet-enabled device using mobile printing.

It works with any operating system and uses your University email.

You can send a document to print from anywhere that has an internet connection, for example from home the night before you want to print.

There are two options:

Option one - email printing

1. Attach the document you want to print (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) to an email from your University email address.

2. Send the email to: (colour printing) or (black and white printing)

3. Wait for an email back saying your “Print job has been received and is being processed”.

4. Release the document at a printer on either campus by using your campus card (or by logging in with your University email address and password)

Please note: email printing is set to print double-sided, you cannot change this.

Option two – Web Print

See a video walkthrough of this service below

1. Go to

2. Log in using your University username and password.

3. Click on Web Print on the left-hand tab

4. Click on submit a job

5. Select whether you would like colour by clicking on boc-pc-ps\MobilePrint-Colour (virtual) or black and white by clicking on boc-pc-ps\MobilePrint-Mono (virtual)

6. Click in “Print Options and Account Selection”.

7. Select your number of copies.

8. Click on “Upload Documents”

9. Either drag and drop your documents into the white box or click “Upload from computer” and search for your documents.

10. Click “Upload & Complete”.

11. A message will temporarily appear saying “Your document was successfully submitted. See the table below to track its status.” Wait for this to disappear and the status to change to “Held in a queue”.

12. Release your document from a printer on either campus using your campus card or your University of Chichester email address and password.

Please note: Web Print is set to print double-sided, you cannot change this.


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