Student attendance management (SAM)

It is important that the University has an accurate record of attendance. The expectation is that students attend all timetabled sessions for each module.

Each department has a student attendance management coordinator if you have any questions

The Student Attendance and Absence Policy is available on the policies page


How to record your attendance

  • For most scheduled sessions, you will need to 'tap in' to record your attendance. You do this by tapping your campus card on a card reader in the teaching room Illustrative image
  • For areas that do not have card readers, your tutor will tell you what you need to do

How to view information about your attendance

From ChiView select the My Attendance and Log an Absence tile Illustrative image  

From the student attendance management system you can use:

  • the calendar tab - your timetabled sessions and, for sessions that have passed, your attendance. You can see by month Illustrative image or week Illustrative image or as a list view Illustrative image
  • the student profile tab - your details (if you would like to change any of the information please contact Academic Registry)
  • the attendance tab - a summary of your attendance for the current academic year Illustrative image
  • add absence button - to record an absence

When to record an absence

You need to record an absence form if one of five reasons apply. If you:

  1. are / likely to be off for more than 5 working days due to a non-health related issue 
  2. are / likely to be off for more than 5 working days due to a health issue
  3. have had a close family bereavement
  4. are on jury service 
  5. are attending an approved professional event 

How to record an absence

  1. In ChiView, select the My Attendance tile Illustrative image
  2. From your attendance view, click on the Add Absence button Illustrative image  
  3. Complete the online form with the following:
    1. Date and time of the absence (you can set the end date for several days ahead) Illustrative image
    2. The type of absence (select from the dropdown list) Illustrative image  
    3. Leave the Letter field as [None] Illustrative image
    4. Your email (where the absence acknowledgement will be sent) Illustrative image
    5. Any additional comments (you are advised to NOT add sensitive information here) Illustrative image
  4. Select Save Illustrative image

Changing an absence 

If you have recorded an absence but are subsequently able to attend, please try to change the absence by the end of the week in which the session took place.

You can change the absence afterwards but it may affect the level of attendance shown in the system.

Being incorrectly marked as absent on your SAM calendar

If you notice that you have been marked as absent Illustrative image for a session you did attend, you will need to speak to your module tutor.



User guides can be found on the SAM user guide help page:


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