Module Registration

Here you will find essential information about confirming your modules for the next academic year via ChiView. Please read this carefully and take action as required.

The information on this page does not apply to you, and you need not take any further action, if:

  • You are in your final year of studies
  • You are planning to withdraw or intermit from your studies
  • You are a student returning from intermission (you will be contacted separately by Modular)
  • You are studying at a collaborative institution

Continuing Students

New Students

Overview of Module Registration

Online Module Registration Notification

  • At 08:00am on Monday 23rd March 2020, you will be sent an email to access the Online Module Registration via ChiView.
  • You will have until Sunday, 29th March 2020 to confirm your module registration. Confirmation must be submitted on either a PC or tablet (not a mobile device) in order to ensure a timetable before the start of the academic year.

Accessing Module Registration

  • Click ‘Module Registration’ to begin making your choices.  Illustrative image
  • If you have any difficulty accessing this facility please refer to the FAQs or contact a member of the Modular team ensuring that you include details of the error and your student number.

Module Registration in ChiView

On this page you will see: 

  • Your Course Details Illustrative image
  • Your Compulsory Modules Illustrative image
  • List of Option Modules (if applicable) Illustrative image
  • Link to Module Details Illustrative image

Confirming Option Modules (if applicable)

  • Please follow the rules as indicated in the block on the left side of the page, that tell you how many credits you need to choose. Illustrative image
  • Some students may need to choose between multiple blocks, and these will be clearly displayed with an AND/OR between them. Illustrative image
  • Clicking on ‘View List’ Illustrative image   will expand the block and bring up a list of the modules available for you to select.
  • To select a module, click on ‘Add’ Illustrative image . The modules will appear in the Selected Modules display on the right hand side of the page Illustrative image . You can delete any selections you have made by clicking on the dustbin icon next to the module name Illustrative image

Saving Options Modules (if applicable)

  • Once you have selected all of your modules you need to submit your selections.
  • The Submit Selections button is underneath the Selected Modules block Illustrative image . Just above this button, you will see a count of the credits you have currently selected in the Totals box Illustrative image . Please ensure that this meets the rules before you click submit. If you are not ready to submit your module selections you can close the window and log in again later.

Confirming Module Registration

  • When you 'Submit Your Modules' you will be taken to a summary of all your modules.
  • Unless you click Confirm Modules on this page, your Module Registration will not be added to your profile. Illustrative image
  • If you are not ready to confirm your modules, please click Undo Last Change. Illustrative image

Changing Module Registration 

  • Once you have confirmed your Module Registration you will not be able to make any further changes. If you do need to make any changes, you should refer to the Module Registration section of the Student Handbook.

Module Registration - FAQs

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