Managing another user's mailbox, Generic or Shared Mailbox in Outlook

There are two stages to working with managed accounts. The account owner will need to follow the instructions in part 1 (for a Generic or Shared Mailbox this will be the person named as responsible for it, if you are unsure who this is contact SIZ). Part 2 is for the delegate (the person who needs to access the account).

Generic accounts were provided before April 2024. If you have a Generic Account, please follow step 1a.

Shared Mailboxes are accounts created after April 2024, and will eventually replace Generic Accounts. If you have a Shared Mailbox, follow step 1b:

1a. Sharing your mailbox,or generic account with other people


1b. Managing the permissions on your Shared Mailbox

2. Accessing a managed account (another user's mailbox, Generic or Shared Mailbox) in Outlook

Note: the screenshots in these help pages are for sharing an individual managed account (e.g. with a PA). You can use the same method to share a generic mailbox (e.g.


Generic Account – A network account, created before April 2024 and does not have a person’s name in the email address e.g. This will have an Office 365 account, with email and calendar which can then be shared with other individuals. These accounts will have a password, which can only be access from a University computer. Access to these accounts should be delegated using permissions in Office 365. The password should be used for account permissions changes only.

Managed Account: This might be a member of staff that wish to 'delegate' access to their mailbox or calendar, to another member of staff who can then read/reply to emails and maintain their calendar. For example, a PA managing an account on behalf of their manager, or the same as a generic account

Shared Mailbox: This is an online only account, created after April 2024 which has email and calendar, but does not have a network account or password. This does not have a person's name in the email address (e.g. Shared Mailboxes are the new terminology for shared email accounts, and will eventually replace Generic Accounts completely.

Delegate – the person who is going to be, or has been, given access to another account listed above.

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